One of these days I'll get around to building a web site for Teklibre. But... you know how a mechanic's car is always the worst maintained? I'm too busy to waste time on the web, creating pointless promotional verbiage about how I'm the greatest at this or that, my track record, etc, etc.

My resume and contact info are here. I have a few projects in git on this site - some enhanced oslec code for the blackfin, an SSE2'd ladspa EQ, and some linux kernel drivers for the alphatrack and tranzport - all of which I suppose I should link to one of these days.

I have spent the last 18 months of my life, working on fixing bufferbloat. This seemingly impossible quest has taken me everywhere: to multiple ietf meetings, to Linux Plumbers, to London, to Georgia Tech, to the Lincs lab in Paris, to Stanford, to a small campground near Los Gatos, Ca, where I currently reside, doing a field test of what seems to be a solution.

Prior to that I spent over 3 years in Nicaragua, trying to figure out how to spread the internet to the remaining 2/3s of the world, notably by pushing the state of the art by using ipv6 in a greenfield 5.8ghz wireless network. I'm still writing that up now, and sorting through the bugs....

I write (in English, as opposed to C, and I'm slowly picking up Spanish) a great deal more than I used to. My ruminations about the state of the world reside on my blogs, the new one is NeX-6, and the old, PostCards from the Bleeding Edge.

I hope that life, wherever you are, is treating you well.


     David Taht